Dennis Vincent's baby is a Craftsman twin turbo, double bag riding lawnmower with 19.5 horses under the hood. He names it Harley.

It s my motorcycle, it is safe, said Vincent.

But now Harley can only roll in one direction.

When I went to go up to mow the lawn a couple of weeks ago, it wouldn't go in reverse, which I couldn't get it out of the garage, explained Vincent.

Vincent and his wife Candy set an appointment with Sears to have the mower repaired. There's one issue - the Vincent's live in Darrington, a two hour trip for the repairman because the Oso slide destroyed a one mile long stretch of Highway 530.

But the Vincents thought they were set with Sears. The company was going to come out and fix their lawnmower. Then, at the last minute, Sears canceled the appointment because the new route to Darrington was a little too far for them to drive. That didn t make any sense to the Vincents.

Just because we have some kind of devastation in our town doesn't mean we should not be taken care of. Sears is a big company, so why can't they take care of us? asked Candy.

The Vincents use the mower at Darrington s famous archery range. They help maintain the grounds and run the major tournaments that are now very important to Darrington's economy. I contacted Sears and the company said:

This was a situation where Sears was not aware that the road in that geographic area was closed and didn t have time in the workday to have the tech to drive the lengthier alternate detour route.

The company rescheduled and will be working on Harley Friday morning. Dennis feels better about the outcome and Sears.

I felt, you know, at least someone was listening. It made me feel better about them. We need to get this repaired and I hope they can help us, said Dennis.

Thanks to Sears, now Harley can ride again. If you are affected by the Oso slide and businesses start missing or cancelling your appointments, please let me know.

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