When Ron and Doreen Bunker threw $100 in a bank CD in 1981, they were newlyweds making an investment in their future.

I was like, woo-hoo! I got this $100 bill. Let's save it! said Doreen.

The couple never thought the money would go missing. The CD was with ONB bank, which changed hands several times and is now U.S. Bank. Through it all, the couple continued to get updates on the status of the account.

Got the little things in the mail now and then and we just thought, well, okay, we're just going to let it keep on rolling, rolling, recalled Doreen.

The couple says nine years ago, U.S. Bank sent a letter saying the CD would go dormant if they didn't take action. When they went in to roll it over they learned there was an issue.

She said, why don't you just go ahead and hang onto that because we're having a hard time finding it, explained Doreen.

But years later, the bank still wasn't able to find the CD.

Every time we go in, the manager says the same thing. Oh, they have to honor that and then they come back and go, well we can't find it, we can't locate it, so we aren't going to pay it, said Ron.

The Bunkers called me and I contacted U.S. Bank. The company went to work looking for the CD again. It even pulled files from headquarters in Minnesota. But it says it couldn't find any evidence that the CD was still open or proof that the money had been withdrawn. US Bank says the situation wasn't handled correctly and wants to do what's right for the customer. In a statement the bank says:

We did not provide the level of customer service and communication that we should have in this matter, and in recognition of the customer's long standing relationship with U.S. Bank, we have made a payment that we believe resolves the issue.

The Bunkers say that payment is $640 and the cash is going straight into their home remodel - and not into the bank.

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