ARLINGTON, Wash. -- Another good day of weather has powered progress in the recovery effort in the Oso landslide.

But words and pictures simply can't convey the enormity and personal impact of the devastation. Strewn debris items like a refrigerator, washer and hot water heater used to be inside someone's home - everyday things that remind us what was lost.

On Tuesday, the weather finally became an asset rather than a liability. Tents house personal items that are being gathered, such as baby pictures and wedding portraits.

And everywhere there is mud. Authorities warn against touching that mud or face decontamination. National Guard members suit up to face the hazards, disinfecting any sewage and neutralizing any chemicals.

And in the distance, one can see the scarf - the cliff where the landslide came from. And panning across, one can barely make out two shiny objects nailed to the trees by geologists that are closely watched to warn if more hillside is about to let loose.

Volunteers describe it like the debris pile that was at the World Trade Center on 9-11 - and it's creating the same kind of passions.

KING5's Glenn Farley contributed to this report.

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