The March 22nd landslide in Oso affected many lives. Here are a few of KING 5's must-watch stories about the people impacted and the lives that have been touched.

Oso search brings back memories for Mount St. Helens families
The pictures of searchers in Oso take Steve Gadwa back nearly 34 years.Gadwa's older brother Tom was logging near Mount St. Helens when it erupted May 18, 1980.Tom Gadwa's brothers spent the days following the eruption searching on the ground and in a National Guard helicopter.

Landslide survivors recall 'shock wave' of debris
Two more survivors of the Oso landslide relive their harrowing tale and sharing the agony of the unknown, as one of their family members is still missing.

Why Arlington's hometown newspaper coverage will be preserved
This week near Oso, history has played out in the headlines of local newspapers covering the landslide. For many, the articles served as much more than a source of information. That's why efforts are already being made to preserve them.

Volunteers caring for horses of landslide victim
While an army of volunteers digs through the mud and debris searching for victims, there are other volunteers doing another important job. They're helping care for the animals left behind.

Darrington logging community angry, motivated in wake of slide
Darrington is home to the lumber industry that is angry and motivated in the wake of the Oso landslide. The town took it personally when reports suggested timber harvesting may have triggered the deadly slide.

Despite losses, Oso residents say town will survive
When a school closes, part of a small town dies. Another part goes with the shuttering of the only grocery store and gas station. Oso has known those losses, and now a deadly landslide, but the pastor of the town s only church would advise against writing his community off.

Does satellite photo foreshadow slide trouble?
Dave Montgomery is one of Washington s foremost landslide experts. But he s not above using Google for his research. And what he sees in an undated Google Earth satellite image, taken sometime before the slide, has intrigued him.

Rescued horses helping Darrington family navigate uncertain path
In Darrington on the eastern side of the landslide, flooding has forced families from their homes. One family lost nearly everything. But what was saved is exactly what's helping them cope. KING 5's Chris Daniels reports.

Hot dog vendor determined to help in Oso
Corey Nimmer drove from Lake Stevens to bring dinner to search and rescue teams. The hot dog vendor had no idea helping others would prove so difficult.

New homeowner may not have known risks on Steelhead DrIve
A nurse missing in the Oso mudslide had closed on the purchase of her home on East Steelhead Drive 11 days before the slide. She purchased a foreclosed property; that means that she likely did not receive the standard disclosure notices that sellers are required by law to give to buyers.

Crew chief emotionally recalls boy's rescue
One of the most gripping parts of a news conference Wednesday afternoon was when crew chief Randy Fay described the rescue of a young boy by a Snohomish County helicopter crew. His team happened to be training that Saturday morning, so they were the first air responders at the scene, within 45 minutes of the slide.

'Soup Ladies' make sure searchers are well fed
Searchers at the Oso landslide site are motivated by the chance they may find survivors. They're fueled by meals from the Soup Ladies.

Oso waits for answers, while it rushes to help
What do you do when all the questions seem to lead to dead ends? If you re 12-year-old Kelsey Lee you set out a jar.

Toddler rescued, search for family continues
Thirty-four-year-old Kevin Ryce has flown 3,000 miles to Washington on a personal rescue mission. Ryce s cousin Billy Spillers, a Navy chief petty officer, was watching TV with his wife Jonielle and their four children when the mudslide hit Saturday, obliterating their street.

Loved ones mourn Oso firefighter's wife
Loved ones say grandmother, 45-year-old Christina Jefferds, has been confirmed dead. We learned more about her as the search for Jefferds four-month-old granddaughter continues.

Arlington group compiling online list of missing slide victims
Emergency management officials have been compiling the names of the missing in Saturday's landslide, but they are not alone. Other lists have been created online.

Tragedy testing strength and patience of Darrington residents
Residents of Darrington appreciate the help from others following the Oso landslide. But they also want to be allowed to help themselves.

Arlington community raises funds, food for landslide victims
The landslide in Oso left many helpless and has inspired others to help out. In Arlington, a food and cash donation booth at the Safeway generated more than a thousand dollars in donations in about three hours Tuesday.

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