Search teams discovered two large oil slicks in the Gulf of Thailand where a Malaysia Airlines jetliner disappeared with 239 people aboard.

Underwater Admiralty Sciences director Bob Mester said the oil slicks are a sign that a plane went down.

One of the things they can do immediately is to get out there take a sample of that fluid and determine if it is jet fuel, said Mester

For over 30 years, Mester has specialized in locating missing airplanes in lakes and oceans. His organization Underwater Admiralty Sciences, based in the Puget Sound, recovers submerged aircrafts.

Mester is closely following the search for the missing Boeing 777 airliner, which took off from Malaysia and was bound for Beijing.

The recovery of these aircraft underwater is a real specific science and it needs to be done by people who are experienced and well qualified to do it, said Mester.

If the plane did crash into the Gulf of Thailand, Mester believes it could take some time to determine the exact location.

He said the oil slicks are a good starting point, but the weather conditions and ocean currents could also affect the search.

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