NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell revealed in January that the league s competition committee had considered eliminating extra points from the game. Given the overwhelming success rate (only five of1,267 attempts were missed during the 2013 season), and the rarity of blocked kicks, extra points in their current form are unexciting formalities (unless David Akers is kicking in a snowstorm).

A number of kickers spoke out against eliminating extra points but the NFL may have devised a new solution. According to Judy Battista of, the competition committee discussed placing the ball at the 25-yard line for extra points, effectively making them 43-yard field goals.

NFL kickers converted 83% of all field goals between 40 and 49 yards last season, but that rate would still make the play more interesting than the 99% chip shot it currently is. Only one kicker with 10 or more attempts from that range, Dallas Dan Bailey, converted 100% of his tries.

Seattle Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka was 11-for-12 in that range in 2013.

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