The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County is looking for a good home for a special kitty.

Wally the tubby tabby weighs in at an astounding 27 pounds.

The Humane Society says Wally is an extremely sweet and sociable kitty who loves any attention he can get. But big Wally is in need of a big lifestyle change. The Humane Society says Wally's new forever family must take the time to ensure he receives the care and attentiveness that he deserves.

Due to his weight, poor Wally can't properly groom himself so he needs regular brushing.

Wally loves to play and interact with people and he will need regular playtime every day in order to get down to a healthy size.

Wally has had positive experiences with older children and dogs but it's recommended that he go to a single kitty household because he has no familiarity with other cats.

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And speaking of chubby cats, the Seattle Humane Society is offering a chubby cat discount throughout the month of January. You will get $1 off per pound on cats one year and older. For example, if an adoptable kitty weighs 15 pounds, you'll get $15 off their $25 adoption fee.

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