Kirkland Police are investigating the death of a young mother of four and they're calling it homicide.

The body of 28-year-old Amy Gang Hargrove was found in the home she shared with her mother in the Juanita neighborhood.

She's a nice person-- never does anyone wrong, never hurts anybody. She always wants the best for people, said Nickolas Bartth, a longtime friend of Hargrove's.

The best is something Hargrove would find in everyone she met.

If the mood was sour, Amy would be that person who'd make everyone happy and try to make people not stress, said Bartth.

Crime tape still surrounds part of the home where Hargrove died. She leaves behind four young children. For those who knew her, that's the hardest part-- because Hargrove's kids were her world.

Everything yeah, yeah they did. It's sad, said Bartth.

Bryan Ferguson has known Amy since high school. He's been doing work on a home across the street for weeks. Now, know what happened here, he can't help but wonder 'what if?' That shakes my soul to know that if I could've deterred anybody, just knowing somebody was watching.

Kirkland Police aren't saying how Hargrove died. They're waiting on the medical examiner.

Court records show Hargrove had taken out a couple of protection orders in the past several years, including one that was still in effect against her ex-boyfriend. So far, police haven't identified any suspects.

We lost a great mom, a woman that if everybody else in the world was like, would be a lot safer and nicer, said Bartth.

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