With the equivalent of over 35 times the surface of the Seahawks home field, the International CES can be overwhelming. As in many years, a few themes have emerged after just the first few hours of the show here in Las Vegas.

Wearable computing is destined to have a large buzz at the annual show. Meanwhile, the reception of 4K televisions, some even curved, along with new robots and a fleet of new energy-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles have taken center stage.

In the wearable computing category, one standout product is from OMG and is called Autographer. For anyone who has ever struggled to pull a camera out of your pocket in time or has missed a magical moment - the Autographer seeks to end this frustration.

Using five sensors (tracking color, temperature, motion, direction and speed), the Autographer captures candid photos.

By taking photos every few minutes, an average of 2000 per day, the wearable camera captures photos completely hands-free. The camera sports a 136-degree wide-angle lens and the can store up to eight days of photos before hitting the storage limit.

It's available for purchase at for $399 or through many online retailers. New on the floor this week, fun colors can also add flair to your outfit.

Stepping into the future - there are plenty of robots to choose from here at CES. One from French tech company Keecker has a 360-degree camera capable of projecting videos, images, movies and apps onto the walls around you. Move the robot via a mobile device, taking the content you re enjoying in one room with you to another.

The robot, while not exactly speedy on some surfaces, may draw a comparison to an R2D2. The projection, with an 1000 ANSI lumens, isn t exactly bright in daylight but should prove sufficient for many indoor situations.

A former Googler, Keecker founder and CEO Pierre Lebeau shares that the idea for this robot came to him in a somewhat unlikely place - while riding his motorcycle.

Whether you re attaching a wearable gadget, upgrading to a new bendable 4K television, or adding a robot to your life, the annual electronics show has something for everyone.

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