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PAWS in Lynnwood is helping some tiny puppies who are suffering from frostbite.

Twelve pups came to the animal shelter in Lynnwood from Othello on Monday. Two of the dogs are only three weeks old and, both are suffering from frostbite.

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The puppies were found a few days ago with their mother, who was tied to a tree in below-freezing conditions. Five of her puppies had already died from the cold when the remaining two were brought to Adams County Pet Rescue and then included in the group of dogs being transported to PAWS.

The Adams County Pet Rescue in Othello is experiencing delays in finishing their new facility and is completely without heat so the pups were transferred to PAWS.

Other than the frostbite, the puppies appear to be in good health, says Kay Joubert, Director of PAWS Companion Animal Shelter. We ll continue to bottle feed them, and tend to the frostbite, but they ll make it through this.

Joubert says the pups will soon be available for adoption.

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