SPOKANE, Wash.--A group of moms want to ban scantily clad baristas in the City of Spokane. Their unusual ally is the owner of several local nearly-nude barista stands.

The two may have different opinions but they have the same goal. They said the decision on what people can and can not wear in public should be up to the community and not the council.

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They should have a right to vote on it. I don't think everyone feels the same way the council feels, said one mom.

The Spokane City Council shot down an indecent exposure ordinance earlier in 2013 because the City could not afford to enforce it.

Many residents complained about the nearly nude baristas at the stands on Division and Northwest Boulevard.

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A group of moms are filing a citizen initiative. 6,000 signatures will put it on next year s ballot. The initiative would put decisions on indecent exposure in the resident s hands.

Some said they would not mind if the ordinance went on the ballot as long as it did not cost too much.

I don't really see it being an issue, I mean looking around the streets, said Spokane resident Sarah Clifford.

Most said guidelines on what people can and can not do are not necessary.

It doesn't bother me one bit, we have too many laws right now. If somebody wants to do something, let them do it, said Spokane resident Gary Wehreng.

The owner of the stands wants to hear what everyone else has to say too.

Obviously I want the outcome to be in my favor, but I'm willing to take the risk of hearing everyone's voice, said owner Sarah Birnel.

Birnel said she would even help the mothers collect signatures for the petition.

The mothers plan on submitting a citizen initiative in a few weeks.

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