SEATTLE Members of the Machinists union emerging from a meeting Thursday night at District 751 s main headquarters in Seattle said after heated discussions, union district president Tom Wroblewski tore up a copy of the Boeing contract extension and said that they would be consulting lawyers and seeking to postpone or put off voting on Boeing s proposal slated for next Wednesday.

Late Thursday night, Boeing responded in a statement saying, All of our options are still on the table, including those within Boeingand interest we have received from outside. We chose to engage in PugetSound first, but without full acceptance by the union andlegislature, we will be left with no choice but to open up the processcompetitively and pursue other options for locating the 777X work. If this is not ratified per the scheduled union vote on the November 13th, we will begin taking the next steps.

It is unclear, however, if the vote can be postponed now that the date has been set for next Wednesday.

Several machinists had expressed concern that they only had one week to consider the company s offer that many machinists say is loaded with takeaways. While many rank and file members described what happened inside the meeting of local District A, KING 5 News so far has been unable to confirm with union leaders that the vote will be put off.

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