EDMONDS, Wash. - KING 5 news has obtained a Washington State Ferries investigation that states a ferry worker vandalized a passenger's vehicle because he thought she was littering.

Marcie Gwiazdon discovered that beef stroganoff was smeared on her driver's side car door handle and cake on the passenger's side handle. It reportedly happened last December after Gwiazdon pulled onto the Edmonds to Kingston ferry. She said a worker saw her tuck two takeout containers near her tires, under the car. Gwiazdon said she put it there for safe keeping from Buddy the dog.

I just kind of waived at him and I said, I have got a dog in the car, she told the ferry worker. He'll eat all the food, so I am just tucking it there while I am gone.

She said the worker understood.

Marcie and a friend went upstairs and enjoyed the ferry ride until she returned to find the mess on her car. She immediately reported it to the worker she had spoken with before, and he went to investigate.

He came back and he was very apologetic. He said. 'I am very embarrassed to inform you of this, but it was one of the ferry workers who did that,' said Gwiazdon.

KING5 obtained the Washington State Ferries report which states a ferry worker admitted to the mess saying quote: 'Those noodles sent me sideways,' and he wanted to send a 'reminder to the passenger to use the garbage can.'

I was really just stunned, said Gwiazdon.

Apparently, ferry supervisors were stunned too. The ferry worker was terminated, but his union filed a grievance on his behalf. After a lengthy unpaid suspension, he was allowed to return to work in September.

The ferry worker in question has been employed by Washington State Ferries for 15 years. He still has his job under a last chance agreement which states any future infraction would result in termination.

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