Emma Otis, the oldest person in Washington State, celebrated her 112th birthday Tuesday.

Born in 1901, Otis has seen 19 U.S. Presidents elected and has nine grandkids, 15 great grandkids and 7 great great grandkids. Many of them attended a party for Otis at her Poulsbo assisted living facility.

Otis is the 12th oldest person born in America and the 33rd oldest person in the world.

She says her longevity is due to her being a stubborn Swede. She takes no medications and won t walk with a cane, said Doris Davies, her daughter.

Friends and family say Otis secret to a long life is her active lifestyle, including climbing the Olympics in her 80s.

She s like the energizer bunny she keeps going and going and going, said Davies.

Although her hearing and eyesight are nearly gone, Otis enjoyed her pink-themed decorations and a visit from a local Girl Scouts, who presented her with a special blanket. With 83 years experience, Otis also happens to be the oldest living Girl Scout.

She also credits her health to drinking a glass of milk with each meal, which sold for 4 cents a gallon the year Otis was born.

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