The Seattle skyline is dotted with cranes, marking a new cycle in building growth.

Mid-century buildings are giving way to new office and apartment towers. Next to the Mercer Mess, workers at Copiers Northwest get an 360 degree view of growth and a startling look at what used to be a bank building.

It was there one day and literally gone the next day, said sales associate, Crystal De La Cruz.

A record 9,000 new apartment units are being built in and near downtown.

Seattle City Planning Director Marshall Foster says developers from up and down the West Coast are investing in the Seattle market.

The places to watch in Seattle are going to be Denny Triangle, Belltown going downtown into South Lake Union and Uptown, the Seattle Center area.

The city expects 120,000 more people to move here in the next 20 years.

That's a large scale of growth for any American city, said Foster.

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