The health department is warning of toxic algae in Seattle s Green Lake. The county says it's placed signs in certain spots around the lake where toxic green algae has become a problem.

Water testing shows other parts of the lake are safe, but those who came to enjoy the water say it's confusing.

I run around this lake and I like to go swimming after I run, but I've been questioning whether it's safe to do that, said John MacLean.

The health department says water with the toxic algae is not safe for anyone to ingest, especially for pets. Drinking too much could lead to stomach problems, paralysis and even death.

One dog owner saw a sign after letting her dogs go in the water.

They're not enough I'm more than 3/4 around the lake and I've probably seen three, said Patty.

The city says it plans to post new signs that will explain the problems better.

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