Several doctors from Western Washington are part of a broader effort to aid in the Syrian refugee crisis.

As it becoming increasingly apparent it's not a matter of if but when the US strikes Syria, Dr. Nabil Al-Krumly believes now is the time to act.

I lived in Syria for 30 years and all of us know about how brutal is this regime, said Al-Krumly.

A regime accused of launching a widespread chemical attack against its own people. Everytime I look at this I envision my daughter, she s two years old, said Al-Krumly.

He still has family in Syria as well as in neighboring countries after they were forced to flee. That s why Al-Krumly says the response shouldn't just be military, but humanitarian as well for the millions of refugees. Al-Krumly is planning a trip to Jordan in November.

We are talking about people who are living without any kind of medical or dental services for about three years. So there s definitely tons of need, absolutely, said Al-Krumly.

A group of 39 medical personnel including surgeons, dentists and psychiatrists leave next week with Seattle s Salaam Cultural Museum, which is organizing the mission.

Polls show American support for military intervention is low. Al-Krumly concedes the US is late to the game.

The reaction should ve happened two-and-a-half years ago, he said. So definitely yes, we should work together to stop that crazy guy from killing more people.

The situation is so unstable Al-Krumly hopes to provide at least a little civility to a country in chaos. His homeland has already lost so much, he just wants to give a small part back.

We live in a small word, you know what I mean? Anything that happens there will affect us here somehow, he said.

If you d like to help, Salaam Cultural Museum is in need of cash donations as well as blankets and medical supplies. For more information, visit the Salaam Cultural Museum website.

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