The Seattle Police Department is currently holding 500 bikes in their Evidence Warehouse that were recovered around the city.

Now the police hope to reunite those bikes with their owners using a new Twitter account, @GetYourBikeBack.

Many of the bikes may have been stolen, but were never reported because owners didn't know the serial number for their missing bike.

People think that if they don't have their bike's serial number, they can't make a stolen bicycle report, Detective Michael Whidbey said on the SPD Blotter. You don't absolutely need a serial number to get your bike back, but it does expedite the process.

Police can also use evidence such as a sales receipt, a picture of you on the bicycle, or your ability to give a detailed description of the bike to confirm ownership.

On Monday, SPD starting using the Twitter account to tweet out general descriptions of some of the bikes they have found recently.

If you see a description of a bike in a tweet that could be yours, the easiest way to get it back is by sending an email to with as much information about the bike as possible and how you can be contacted.

SPD asks that people only send emails about bikes posted on @GetYourBikeBack to this email account.

If detectives can't find a bike's owner, the bike will be donated to a good cause.

For more information on the program, visit the SPD Blotter.

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