The wedding of your son or daughter is one of the most important event s you ll experience as a parent. It can also be stressful when trying to figure out what to wear. New Day s stylist, Darcy Camden, visits to share some special tips for the big day.

Why are we talking about this NOW? We're currently in the thick of wedding season, and I've spent the last several months working with anxious mothers helping them to prepare for summer weddings. I've helped a lot of mothers in the past few months and have come up with some great style tips--I want to share it now, because the month of August is the best time to shop for dresses. You have summer dresses still in the stores (usually on sale) and you have fall dresses coming in. So, if you have a wedding ANYTIME in the next year, you should consider shopping now.

What's the single most important advice to mothers shopping for wedding outfits? Go shopping alone! Go on a weekday if you can. Work with a sales person (or make an appointment with an in-store stylist. Many stores offer this for free). And ALWAYS build an entire look, with shoes and accessories. Bring those items into the fitting room from other parts of the store. Usually, my clients don't love a dress on it's own, but once we put on a shoe and a necklace--and Spanx!--they start to get excited.

MOB STYLE TIP #1: Don't shy away from black. Most women tell me they feel best when they wear all black. And our number one goal is to find a dress that makes you feel fabulous! Look for bridal-y details like lace, so it's clear you're going to a wedding. And incorporate the bride's wedding colors into your accessories.NOTE: If your bride prefers for you to not wear black, look for dark shades of navy, purple, green. These dark colors have the same slimming effects as black does, and may be more in sync with the color palette of the wedding.

MOB STYLE TIP #2: Wear the opposite color of the bridesmaids. If the wedding party is tied together with a single color, look to the color wheel and consider wearing a complimentary opposite. For example: if the bridesmaids are wearing magenta, look for a shade of mint green. The balance of this will look wonderful in pictures and be intentional without being too matchy

MOB STYLE TIP #3: Consider metallics. If you're stressed about wearing the wrong color or not matching the rest of the wedding, consider a NON-color...a metallic! Shades of gold and silver are extremely wedding appropriate and regal.

MOB STYLE TIP #4: Accentuate your best feature.

Sure, everyone has some part of their body they want to coverup or camouflage. But if you focus on the negatives, your entire shopping experience will be negative. Instead, identify one thing you like and want to emphasize. And build your look around that one feature. For example, if you love your eyes, look for a color that really brings out the color in your eyes, and visit a make-up counter to get your eyes glommed up before you venture to try on dresses.

Shopping Guide:

Neiman Marcus at The Bravern in Bellevue, WA

Nordstrom and Nordstrom Bridal Salon, Downtown Seattle

Eva Franco dresses,

If you are in the throws of back to school shopping, we are looking for a few good teens to be a part of our shopping segment next week with Darcy. Please Email with your information.

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