Frequent travelers know that it can be stressful to face long lines, security checkpoints and lengthy delays. But research by the mobile app TripIt and its parent company Concur found that what really stresses travelers is being taken out of a healthy routine, NBC's Chris Clackum reports.

Two-thirds of those surveyed said that failing to exercise and eat healthy was somewhat to very stressful.

Being on the road is super difficult when it comes to the diet and just the lifestyle choices you have at home and may have to sacrifice when you're on the road, said Barry Padgett, executive vice president of Concur.

The research also found that significant others left at home found it stressful to be disconnected from their traveling partner.

Padgett adds that technology can help families reconnect. Using Facetime or Skype to video call helps travelers check in with their loved ones at home.

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