Seattle police have arrested a man for a burglary for a closed hair salon on July 4th.

Police had released surveillance video of the suspect, who spent five hours inside the Collage Salon in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood. He's seen wearing a salon robe and at one point even took a nap in the aesthetician room.

The salon lost two laptops and about $7,000 worth of salon products and equipment.

Investigators said a note had been left behind, which said s***hapens. The note also said You'll land on your feet, I've got faith in you.

A similar burglary happened at the Ola Salon in West Seattle back in May. The owners of both salons wonder if they're connected because of some similarities in how the crook carried out the crime. In both cases, the suspect left the entry rug folded in half. And in both cases, he stayed for several hours.

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