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The Transportation Security Adminstration has stepped up their digital game when it comes to discouraging people from taking illegal items through security. This past week TSA created an Instagram account to highlight some of the items they've confiscated from travelers.

So far, 10 images have been uploaded to the account. The pictures feature everything from an inert grenade to a number of illegal fireworks to a tazer disguised as a box of cigarettes.

The group already had set up a blog that posts regular updates on the items confiscated each week, as well as offering tips and information for travelers.

On Friday, June 28th, the TSA blog said 44 firearms were discovered that week, including 35 loaded guns. Two of those firearms were found at Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle.

The TSApoints out that trying carry on illegal items can often cause delays for all travelers at security check points, and can result in fines or even arrest for the person in possession of the item.

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