Sometimes, packing for a short summer vacation is more difficult than going abroad, we always pack way more than we need! Here with some great tips for packing light is our good friend Darcy Camden, she will show us how to fit everything in our carry-ons!

Darcy's must-haves for summer vacation:

Start with a few wardrobe basics:black leggings, cotton tank top, denim shirt, favorite jeans

#1. Printed Tunic: this versatile item can be worn as a beach cover-up but can also be jazzed up and worn with leggings and the right accessories for a night out.

#2. Jersey cardigan: This ideal wear-on-the-plane cozy layer can be worn with anything, including a bathing suit at the pool.

#3. Printed Shorts: Look for a playful print in a durable, non-wrinkley fabric. (Darcy's tip for avoiding inappropriately short shorts: stand straight put your arms to sides. The hem of your shorts should be below your fingertips).

#4. Straw hat: Protect your hair color and shade your face from harsh rays with a stylish fedora. Pack undergarments, bathing suits and socks in the hat to hold its shape in a suitcase.

#5. Walking sandal: A comfortable, durable and supportive walking sandal is your solution for a long, hot day at a theme park.

Model #1: Travel day (jeans+tank+jersey cardigan)

Model #2: Day at the beach (Jersey cardigan+straw hat)

Model #3: Day at the theme park (printed shorts+denim shirt+walking sandal)

Model: #4: Evening out (printed tunic + leggings)

Vacation Beauty essentials:

Tinted lipbalm SPF15

Alba Kona After-sun gel

Aveda tinted moisturizer SPF15

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