Woodland Park Zoo's three-month-old jaguar triplets received their first exam from zookeepers last week.

The trio, all weighing around 10 pounds, were born in march to 7-year-old mother Nayla and 14-year-old father Junior. Nayla has proven a natural mother, so much so that keepers weren't able to get near the cubs until recently.

Jaguars are a near-threatened species, so the birth of triplets is a major milestone for the zoo's conservation efforts.

Keepers say that the two girls and one boy have large personalities.

They're a rowdy group of cubs, and Nayla can attest to that, Jaguar keeper Jamie Delk said. The first born is a girl, is the smallest of the cubs, and has an independent and adventurous nature.

The male cub, born second, is the most vocal, but also startles easily and was shy around keepers. The youngest, another girl, loves to play and likes to stick near her siblings.

As the cubs continue to grow and develop, zookeepers are introducing the cubs to new items and preparing Jaguar cove for their big debut this summer.

The cubs run and jump back and forth between their indoor room and outside yard, says Delk. Their agility shows us they re gaining more and more coordination each day. That s the kind of positive progress we like to see before introducing them to their naturalistic exhibit.

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