A marriage proposal high up in the middle of nowhere is now seen everywhere.

It was a moment a local photographer happened to capture on Rattlesnake Ridge. With the help of social media, the search was on for the happy couple.

Photographer Geoff Parker and his wife decided to go for a hike a day after their anniversary two weeks ago. When they got to the top, Geoff pulled out his camera.

My wife called to me from behind and said, 'Hey Geoff, look over there!' he said.

Love was in the air -- in this case, way up in the air. A few hundred feet and a valley divided Parker and the happy couple, as the man dropped to one knee and proposed.

Parker never did meet up with the couple that day. And after he got home and saw the pictures, he wanted to make sure they got them.

He posted the pictures on Instagram. KING 5 shared them on our Facebook page. And it wasn't long before the couple contacted Parker to say thanks.

Jordie Egbert said yes to Mel Reyes. The couple plans to marry in October.

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