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Who needs a gym when you have Pinterest? You might already know the social networking website is great for planning weddings, exploring DIY crafts and finding home inspiration, but did you also know Pinterest can help you get in great shape? We have five quick tips to help you turn Pinterest into your personal trainer.

SLIDE SHOW: How to use Pinterest to get in shape

1. Create A Workout Board

To start building your Workout Board, simply click the Health and Fitness category or type workouts into Pinterest s search box. Endless options ranging from crossfit routines to 5k running plans to yoga sequences fill the page, rendering the what should I do for a workout today question obsolete. Most of the workouts featured on Pinterest also utilize little or no equipment, making them ideal for at home exercisers.

Keep in mind a comprehensive exercise program includes cardio, strength and flexibility training, so choose workouts from all three categories. Include a few interval training workouts, full body strength workouts and recovery workouts, like foam rolling, to add variety to your exercise plan.

You ll find that some pins display workouts with graphics, while others feature photos. Feel free to choose the format that works best for you. Prefer more instruction? Don t forget you can also pin workout videos.

If you need some inspiration for your Pinspiration , follow our KING 5 s Easy Fitness Board, or check out Women s Health and Fitness and Popsugar Fitness s board.

2. Create a Healthy Recipe Board

Among the cheesy garlic bread and gooey salted caramel brownie pins, you ll also find plenty of healthy choices on Pinterest. Create a Healthy Recipe board, and if you re into hyper categorization, break down boards by meal into healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinner and snacks for easy reference.

Not only is Pinterest a great place to find healthy recipes, it s also filled with pins featuring healthy cooking tips. Ideas include how to use Greek yogurt in place of butter to cut out fat in your favorite recipes, and how to use bananas to make a healthy version of ice cream. Compile lighter versions of your favorite foods on this board, and make it a goal to learn and use one healthy cooking tip or recipe per week.

Follow our KING 5 Healthy Recipe board, along with Cooking Light s boards to find recipe ideas.

3. Create a Healthy Habit Board

A Healthy Habit board is a little different than the Workout and Healthy Recipe boards. Use this board to pin small actions (not necessarily workouts or recipes) that add up to a healthier lifestyle. Think of ideas like drinking more water, taking 10,000 steps per day and getting to bed on time. Seeing all the pins displayed on the board showcases the abundance of easy ways to get healthy and fit. Aim to do at least one of these actions everyday.

Get started with out KING5 Healthy Habits board.

4. Create a Motivation Board

Quotes are hugely popular on Pinterest, so use them to your advantage with a workout motivation board. Pick motivational quotes, inspiring images and even goals like running a 5K. Reading your board should feel like having a motivational speaker in your living room, and anytime you feel your desire to workout wane, let your board be a source of inspiration.

Check out our KING 5 Motivation Monday board to get you started. Some of the most popular quotes include, A short workout is better than no workout , You can t spell challenge without change , and Nothing is impossible, the word itself says...I m possible .

5. Make A Plan

Once you ve created your Pinterest boards, you need a plan. Inspiration and ideas are great, but a plan is what will put your healthy life into action.

Pick a Get Fit goal for the month. Say, for example, your goal is to workout three times and make two healthy recipes per week for the next month. Create a Get Fit board on Pinterest and name it Get Fit for May (or June, July, etc.). Creating this separate board will make working through your Workout and Healthy Recipe boards less overwhelming and more action oriented.

To accomplish your goal of working out three times per week, pin twelve workouts (cardio, strength and flexibility) to the board. Then add eight healthy recipes to account for the two recipes you d like to make each week. Before you know it, you have a Get Fit plan to work through for each month.

From healthy recipes to workouts to motivational quotes, Pinterest is filled with ideas and inspiration for getting in shape. Try these five tips and turn Pinterest into a tool to help you succeed on your healthy living journey. Happy pinning!

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