It's been two days since a gunman went on a rampage in a Federal Way apartment complex. Dennis Clark III took four lives before police officers shot and killed him. Now, the neighbor who narrowly escaped Clark's bullets is sharing his story.

James Mack was sitting inside the apartment he's called home for nearly seven years on Sunday night, when he heard a strange noise.

I got up, came to the door, opened my door, and at the same time, my neighbor opens his door, said Mack.

That's when Mack knew he hadn't imagined the gunfire outside his window.

He says his 62-year-old neighbor walked up a few steps to get a better look at where the commotion was coming from, then ran back to his apartment and told Mack to call 911.

And next thing I know, I'm hearing shots, real close and real loud, said Mack. So I get up and look through my peephole and I see him coming out, and as he's coming out he's reloading his gun, click, clack, click, clack, and I said wow.

He didn't know it at the time, but police say Clark had chased down Mack's neighbor, used a shotgun to force his door open, and then shot him at point blank range.

Then, Mack says, the gunman started shooting at his home.

Something hit me on the jaw, whizzed by my face, he said. It wasn't a bullet, it was the sheet-rock, and he was shooting through my bedroom wall, into the hallway, into the bathroom, and out through the kitchen.

The walls of his apartment are now filled with bullet holes - so many, Mack is still finding them days later.

He said he got down on the ground and rode out the gunfire, until police arrived.

On Tuesday, Mack was still in shock over how close he came to losing his life.

I don't know what to think, he said. It's just, wow, that could have been me.

He said he'd seen Dennis Clark III in passing the parking lot on several occasions, but never thought he'd be capable of so much violence.

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