SEATTLE - For the fifth year, a group of friends descended on a home in the Wedgwod/Maple Leaf area under the cover of darkness to cover another friend's lawn withhundreds ofEaster Peeps.

The Peeps- nearly 900 of them - were stuck in the lawn like festive marshmallow lawn darts, co-conspirator, Karla Johnson, said.

And ooh la la! This year Ciscoe Morris was the recipient of the colorful marshmallow skewers.

The peepsters left a sign on the lawn saying We love you Ciscoe.

I about fainted when I awoke and saw all of those peeps out there when I looked out my window in the morning, Ciscoe said. I actually counted them. There were exactly three billion, nine hundred forty two thousand three of them, counting the one that is still stuck in the top of the street sign.

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