As symbolic as the old Concrete plant is to the town named after it, so is the name Douglas Vose III. There's even a street named after him. And soon there will be a statue of him.

Chief Warrant Officer Douglas Vose was killed by enemy fire while on a combat patrol in Afghanistan in 2009. He was 38 years old. He was a highly decorated soldier: a Green Beret. He was a quiet man who grew up in this quiet town, but who's military career made its mark not just in the war on terror, but on his hometown.

There are a lot of great things that come out of Concrete and Doug was one of the finest, said Maj. Jason Vose, Doug's brother.

Maj. Vose and Doug's widow were at Concrete High School to survey potential sites for a life-sized bronze statue of Doug.

I think it makes complete sense. I think it'll be a great, great location, said Vose.

The suggested location for the statue and memorial is on campus, in the back of the end zone, next to the flagpole, at Veterans Field where the Vose brothers played football, and where the town still gathers today for every game.

Just because football to Concrete is kind of like what football is to the state of Texas, recalled Vose. Maybe there will be some kids who look at his statue and think about what a Green Beret is and what it means and that'll be something they strive for.

The school board still needs to approve the project. If all goes as planned the statue will be unveiled July 27th.

Maj. Vose along with friends and Doug's fellow Green Berets have raised $44,000 for the project, exceeding their goal. They are still accepting donations. Any money leftover will benefit wounded warriors.

Organizers plan to create a webpage for people to make a donation later this week. When that is live, you can find more information or make a donation at

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