What else does the man behind the biggest coffee chain the world need?

How about his own comic book?

Vancouver, Wash.-based Bluewater Productions has created one called Howard Schultz: the man behind Starbucks.

Learn the true tale of the man who pushed Starbucks into the stratosphere, taking it from its small coffee bean sales to its global coffee domination, said Bluewater in a press release.

Bluewater has created numerous biographical comics of famous people, but they say the most interesting stories don t necessarily come from Hollywood.

People like Schultz, (Microsoft co-founder) Bill Gates, (Facebook founder) Mark Zuckerberg created unique cultural touchstone that have more entering value than the latest single from a pop single. Their stories are America s Myths, reads the press release.

The 32-page comic book retail in print for $3.99 and digitally for $1.99.

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