EVERETT, Wash. -- The week leading up to Valentine's Day is without a doubt the busiest time of the year for local florists. That's why the owners of Everett Floral were crushed when they couldn't open their doors last February 14th.

Ernie and Cindy Frederickson didn't have a choice. They had to shut down their store after it was destroyed by fire in August of 2011.

It wasn't a little fire by any means. There were fire trucks everywhere and the road was closed, Cindy recalled.

The fire was also no accident. Investigators say it was intentionally set, and a teenager who the Frederickson's had never met was arrested and prosecuted.

It was very random, Cindy said. We had no connection to the young man who set the fire. Oftentimes, people don't think about the consequences of an action.

For Everett Floral, that met hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and lost income.

The owners initially hoped to re-open in a few months, but say permits and codes slowed down the re-building process.

When it became clear they would be closed for Valentine's Day 2012, the entire staff was crushed.

I guess it's kind heritage. We've done it for 22 years and our kids have grown up here, said Ernie. So we just had to follow through with it.

On Thursday, they will do just that, and celebrate their first Valentine's Day back in business.

Many of their loyal customers stopped in on Wednesday to show their support.

We just thought theirs is a heartwarming story, because of everything they've been through. They're still trying to make it, they didn't give up, they picked themselves up and moved on, said customer Bob Power.

Judging by the volume of orders coming in Wednesday night, it appears Valentine's Day 2013 will be a successful one at Everett Floral.

Our big goal is to get through this season, said Cindy. Who isn't happy when they get flowers from someone who loves them?

Cindy and Ernie Frederickson are high school sweethearts. They've been married for 25 years, and will spend their Valentine's Day working around the clock.

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