SEATTLE -- King County Metro Transit is facing a budget crisis and could cut some services as early as next year.

The crisis comes as two important fund sources are set to expire in 2014. The first source, $32 million, comes from state provided money to help ease the transition during the Viaduct construction. The second source comes from a two-year $20 car-tab fee by Metro to prevent service cuts.

According to General Manager Kevin Desmond the lack of money could result in the loss of up to 125 daily bus trips.

Riders on their way to work this morning are worried about the loss of service. Micahel Matz works at Boeing and relies on the bus to get to and from work.

He said, I depend on these bus rides, it's critical to offer reliable service for working people.

There are a couple of sources for more money, including local car-tab taxes, along with a statewide gas tax hike.

Rider Nancy Woods said, I don't know how well that will work or if taxpayers will go for it, but they have to figure it out.

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