Confidence can be an elusive thing. Some days we feel it and some days we don't, and often we allow others to determine how much we value ourselves. So how do we take the power of our own self-image and confidence back, and put it to work in our lives and careers? Today we are talking to someone you well remember from her years on television in Seattle, now the Executive Director of Springboard Academy, about how to harness confidence for your well-being. Margo Myers shares her advice on how to be more confident.

Margo's Advice

1. Confidence in how you look make friends with your physical self. No one s perfect. Be comfortable in your own skin and accentuate the positive.

2. Confidence in your own style develop your own style. Forget trends. Choose clothes and a hairstyle that look good on you, not the celebrity of the moment.

3. Confidence when meeting others, or new people be truly interested in them and what they do. It s not all about you. How can you help someone else?

4. Confidence in your own ideas read, do your homework, ask questions. Be thoughtful.

5. Confidence under stress --- keep calm, know you CAN do it and go for it.

6. Confidence in your own voice speak up for yourself, know your strengths and values, and what you stand for.

For more information on the Springboard Academy,click HERE.

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