The 2013 Washington State Legislative session is beginning with a flurry of bills concerning wolves.

It started when Representative Joel Kretz introduced a bill that would require wolves to be captured and moved to the San Juan Islands and Olympic Peninsula.

  • Senate Bill 5187 would allow livestock families to shoot and kill wolves on sight.
  • Senate Bill 5188 would allow counties to declare Imminent Threat ro commercial interests if wolf packs reach a certain criteria and give Sheriff's Deparments ability to use lethal action to remove them.
  • Senate Bill 5199 would add wolves to list of big game species which are allowed to be hunted in this state.

On the other side of the issue, State Senator Kevin Ranker will drop a bill that would require ranchers to comply with proven wolf deterrent methods before they could graze on public lands.

Ranker opposed use of public money last year to remove an entire pack of wolves in Northeast Washington that preyed on cattle grazing on public lands.

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