Frank Inslee watched from the floor of the rotunda, as his son was sworn in as the governor of Washington state.

He's always been a leader, said Frank Inslee. Wherever he goes. He's just an everyday guy. Really doesn't let any of this stuff go to his head.

Jay Inslee is the oldest of three sons. His father says his late mother taught Jay to serve his community, but that she never wanted him to run for governor.

My wife said 'No way! I don't want him tobe governor. They'll say nasty things about him.' But I'm sure she'd be really proud of him.

Certainly the new governor faces daunting challenges: a billion dollar deficit in the state budget over the next two years and satisfying a state supreme court ruling of funding education.

I don't look forward to the problems he's going to have, I tell you that, said Frank Inslee. He always comes through, I'm sure he will. Ihave confidence that he will.

Frank Inslee became quite emotional, saying that his wife is watching over their son. He told Jay to enjoy this day, because it will be the easiest day of his four-year term.

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