The injured owl that was found by our own Jean Enersen in September has had his bad eye removed and is recovering well, Sarvey Wildlife Care Center says.

Sarvey has taken to calling the barred owl the Jean Enersen owl because she found him.

The owl was in a tree along west Green Lake Way North on Sept. 9. Jean saw the owl and called Sarvey to see if they could help.

Sarvey came out and got the owl, which was blinded in one eye by a head injury, likely from a car strike. He was weak and emaciated, but his feathers were good.

Sarvey says they had hoped the owl's eye would heal but eventually it just had to be removed.

They say owls are able to hunt with only one eye because they rely on their ears when hunting.

They are hopeful that the owl will be successfully returned to the wild.

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