Well it seems when it comes to shopping we all have our own challenges, and a few weeks ago I met up with our stylist Darcy Camden so that she could help me solve a couple of mine. We tackled separates, accessorizing and scarves! Today we took a look at how we did!

Tips and advice covered on the show follow below:

Why do so many people hate shopping? A lot of women and men say they hate shopping, but I think what they mean is that they feel unsuccessful. The best shoppers know what they like, know what they don't like and they know where to target their efforts so they can buy the things they do want. If you can do that, you'll be successful (and you won't hate it!).

What's something you can do before you go to the stores to improve your changes of success? Here's a simple exercise: Pick up a fashion magazine or two, and spend about 10-15 minutes going page-by-page. Circle anything you like, cross out things you don't like. Ideally, you'll have a good balance of Yeses and Nos. The idea is to practice ruling things out and noticing things you might like to try. Then, make a list of the things you want to buy, so you can be targeted.

Should I work with salespeople or shop on my own? I think you should shopping by yourself (not with friends or family) and you should always work with a salesperson, because they know the merchandise so much better than you do. Tell them a little about what you're looking for and let them play stylist for you. Let the sales person pick 3-4 things, and you pick 3-4 things for yourself.

Should I try everything on? Yes! If you don't have time to try things on, you don't have time to go shopping and you should skip it all together. You can learn something from every item you try, even if you decide you don't want to buy it. To avoid feeling frustrated try to look at yourself objectively and verbalize one thing you DO like and one thing you DON'T like (for example. Instead of saying I tried the dress, it didn't work, say, This dress isn't for me. I really like the color, but I don't like the ruffle. Often, your salesperson will be able to offer great help by saying We have a dress in a similar color with no ruffle, let me bring it for you).

Also: always bring shoes into the fitting room. If you are shopping at a store that does not carry shoes, bring a pair from home. It's impossible to evaluate the look of an outfit without shoes.

Many of us have trouble putting an entire outfit together. Any tips?: Yes! Don't forget to accessorize in the dressing room. Your outfit isn't complete without accessories like scarves, belts and jewelry. Accessories give you an opportunity to make your outfit more interesting and more versatile, so as soon as you find a garment you like, the next thing you should be thinking about it how can I accessorize this?

Other important tips?

VERSATILITY: Once you find a garment or an outfit that you like, ask yourself does this go with anything I have at home? You should avoid buying anything that you can't make into an outfit.

SALES: With so many sales happening, it's easy to get excited when you find something inexpensive. Even if something is $9.99, you shouldn't buy it unless you like it, and you know how to wear it. Always look at the original price instead of the sale price and ask yourself if it's worth it.

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