Many people are too busy with work and family demands to take much time for themselves, but it s crucial to give yourself a break, especially if you re a baby boomer! The doctors at Longevity Medical Center work hard to help patients keep or regain their health and vitality, including those looking to stay Fabulous after 50 ! Doctor Jerry Mixon and 75 year old patient Bill Crow joined Margarte with more about how to achieve your best self at any age!

For more information about Longevity Medical Clinic, please visit their website by clicking here.

You can also call them, toll-free: 866-86-YOUNG!

To learn more about the work being done at Longevity Medical Clinic, visit one of their upcoming sessions:

Bellevue Longevity Seminar: Saturday, November 10/1:07pm at Bellevue Residence Inn

Tacoma Longevity Seminar: Saturday, November 10/6:07pm at Tacoma Convention Center

Bellevue Longevity Seminar: Tuesday, November 13/7:07pm at Bellevue Residence Inn

Lynnwood Longevity Seminar: Wednesday, November 14/7:07pm at Lynnwood Convention Center

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