It's the last chapter in the saga of a Seattle Seahawks fan who tried to smooth things over with Wisconsin after the disputed touchdown call that decided Sept. 24 Seahawks-Packers game.

Seattle landscape gardener Rudy McCoy-Pantoja felt so bad for Packers fans that he and his friends got together a gift box of Ballard's finest seafood and baked goods to send to the mayor of Green Bay.

But Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt wouldn't accept it.

So McCoy-Pantoja Jr. put his finger on his globe to find a different Wisconsin city and decided on Delavan in southeastern Wisconsin.

Delavan Mayor Mel Nieuwenhuis agreed to exchange gifts.

On Tuesday night at the City Council meeting in Delevan, Nieuwenhuis laid out the items sent by Rudy's crew in Seattle for the townsfolk to sample.

On the other end of the table, they laid out the items they gathered to send back to Seattle, such as Wisconsin Cheese, locally made candy, venison steak, a Green Bay Packers hat, and a Delevan hoodie sweatshirt.

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