Trying to figure out what binto put your waste incan be difficult.

Sometimes you wonder what they're going to take in the compost, what they're going to take in the recycling, and what needs to go in the regular trash, said Jake Labrum, King County resident.

Roughly one-third of the garbage created by King County residents could be composted, with the average family throwing out 45 pounds of food scraps each month.

That is where the Compost Quarterback Challenge comes in. The City of Seattle, King County and Cedar Grove are teaming up this football season to help people break it all down.

People aren't really aware that fall is an important time to put compost in your garden. It feeds your soil and lays the groundwork for a really great spring, said Mary Ranahan, account excutive with Cedar Grove.

Everything from coffee cups to dryer lint has a place. For more information on composting and the challenge visit

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