A man arrested for a sexual assault at a Seattle massage clicnic has been linked to a rape at a Bellevue massage therapist's office, said Bellevue police.

Employees at a Greenwood massage clinic chased down a customer who had previously sexually assaulted one of their employees and returned to their clinic Monday night, said Seattle Police Detective Renee Witt. Workers said the suspect flashed an edged weapon to carry out the assault.

When employees tried to detail the suspect for police, he fled on foot, but he was caught a short distance later and taken into police custody. After the victim identified the suspect, he was taken to the North Precinct, where he was booked into King County Jail on two counts of Investigation of Rape.

Bellevue police said they are linking the suspect to a rape that happened in Bellevue late August.

Police said the suspect had scheduled a massage at a massage clinic and started making sexual advance during the appointment. When the massage therapist refused his advances, the suspect threatened her with a knife and sexually assaulted her.

Police described the suspect as a white male who was professionally dressed and wore black pants and a white shirt. They issued a detailed sketch of the suspect.

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