Jeff Renner introduced several of us in the KING 5 creative services department to a previously unknown job on Thursday, fire meteorologist.

Fire meteorologists assess how weather conditions will increase the threat of fires if they're triggered by lightning or human activity. They also assess how fast a wildfire is likely to grow and spread and where they're likely to spread. You can understand how that's critical in containing the fire and in keeping firefighters and those living in the area, safe.

KING 5 photojournalist Pete Cassam invited our team to go behind the scenes at the Table Mountain fire command center as Jeff talked with the meteorologists about the latest conditions and then provided updates in his weather forecasts.

We've done a lot of work to show how Jeff and the KING 5 Weather Team cover severe weather conditions from rain that results in dangerous floods and cold fronts that threaten with the possilbity of icy roads or school closing snowstorms. But getting a chance to see our chief meteorologist cover fire as a weather condition was a new experience.

In a time when social media and raw footage are considered part of the day's news coverage, we wanted to share another look at how the KING 5 Yellow Jackets cover breaking news.

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