The three off-duty BellevuePolice officers investigated for taunting a Seattle Police officer before a Seahawks game last week were later removed from CenturyLink Field, reports the Seattle Times.

Citing Seattle Police, the Times reported the officers used foul language toward a nearby fan and were visibly intoxicated.

The fan, attending the game with his family, claimed one of the officers warned him to watch himself and not get pulled over in Bellevue.

Speaking to Bellevue Police after the incident, the fan identified the three officers as two males and one female, according to reports.

Bellevue Police are conducting an internal investigation into all reports of the officers' behavior, including the altercation with a female SeattlePolice officer prior to the game.

Seattle Police said a female officer encountered the three off-duty officers outside the stadium and asked them to pick up a piece of trash they discarded on the ground. The group then surrounded her and berated her, Seattle Police said.

When the call went out for back-up, responding officers were also taunted, according to Seattle Police.

The group was allowed to continue into the game because no crime was committed, police told the Times.

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