A woman who was devastated on Tuesday when she was told she lost her home and all of her animals in the Taylor Bridge wildfire found out Wednesday that some of those animals survived.

Elaine Burt was in tears when she got the call that she had lost her home, all her dogs and her pigs.

But on Wednesday at the Kittitas County Fairgrounds she was crying tears of joy because a mother pig and new piglets were safe.

Oh Mama...hi mama, Burt said when she was reunited with her animals.

She counts the piglets One, two, three, four, five, yup, that's all her little babies.

Not only did she find her pigs, but one of her dogs was also found. A picture of the Great Pyrenees was being circulated on Facebook after the dog was found with singed fur and burned feet. Burt was later reunited with the dog named Hannah.

The Kittitas County Fairgrounds is the main triage center for many of the Taylor Bridge fire's most vulnerable victims. It's the temporary home for at least 300 animals and counting.

They re hot, they're overheated they need to cool down. We had some people come pour water over them, said Veterinarian Mark Kinsel

Sheep try to keep cool in their wool coats and pigs catch up on some much needed rest in the shade of a stall - their safe haven from the fire that put them here.

Most of the animals here are OK, but not all of them. The stress alone has taken its toll.

I think it's gonna be a lot worse today because these are animals being brought in that weren't part of an evacuation but were let loose during the fire, said Kinsel.

From the fire to the Four Seasons, they're finally getting the care they need - shade, water and food.

Elaine Burt s future is uncertain, but it turns out she hasn't lost everything after all.

To make a donation to help animals displaced or injured by the fire, call Central Valley Bank in Ellensburg 509-925-5444. An account has been set up in the name of Rodeo City Equine Rescue.

KING 5's Meg Coyle and Susan Wyatt contributed to this report.

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