Three German competitors are getting the gold, silver and bronze in the event of human highlight reel at the London Olympics.

Two of them had moments they d like to forget. The third pulled off what may be the best celebration thus far of the Games.

After Robert Hartling won the discus Tuesday, he pulled a Hulk Hogan moment, tearing off his vest, screaming and posing for the crowd. Then, wearing the German flag as a cape, the half-naked Hartling ran down the track and jumped the hurdles that were being laid out for the women s 100 meter final.

OK, he half-heartedly jumped over them. He ran along the side of the track with only his left leg going over the hurdles. Still, a celebration to remember, which you can watch here.

Things didn't go so well for two of his fellow Germans earlier this week as far as competition goes, but what happened to them has been talked about and shared all over the world.

Video of diver Stephan Feck went viral after his foot slipped on the 3 meter springboard Monday and he ended up landing in the water on his back. Feck would complete only one more dive, then leave the competition.

Here s the video or you can see a frame-by-frame photo gallery here.

Matthias Steiner followed it up Tuesday. The defending gold medalist in weightlifting s super-heavyweight division lost his balance while trying to lift and fell to the ground with the bar landing on his neck.

Steiner was OK and walked off under his own power, but left the competition. See a frame-by-frame photo gallery here.

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