For about $200, helmet cams are taking off, and in some cases, photographing a license plate to help track down a car that hits and runs.

A YouTube video from Canada shows a cyclist being hit by a red car. Luke Rae is lucky to be alive and lucky the cyclist had a camera.

I decided to get a camera because cars are always running me off the road and I didn t have a witness, he said.

Gearing up for a Seattle ride, cyclist Lance Pham gets his helmet-cam in place. The high definition, 32 gig device is like the cycling equivalent of a black box on an airplane.

Having it on, you re not going to miss anything, he said.

His ride is recorded, showing the passing landscape and some near misses with cars.

The bully in the car ... he or she can get out and physically contend with me but when they see this they behave better, said Pham.

And the cameras can protect drivers. Some riders say the technology encourages cyclists to obey the rules, knowing they re on camera.

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