At Pacific's Senior Center, the unrest at City Hall has put programs in jeopardy. Seniors, like Margaret Gustafson, are worried

It s not as much as fun, it's stressful, she said.

It takes two full time workers, a part time person and dozens of volunteers to keep the senior center going.

Right now, they're down to one city employee - Deseree Kauffman..

I'm taking off hats, putting on hats, but we have to keep the center running and keep the programs here for them, she said.

The town's mayor fired some workers, one quit, and the funding needed to offer meals and rides is at risk if they can't provide the services.

That could leave some seniors with no way to get around.

If you stay in and don't talk to somebody pretty soon you won t be worth much, said Margaret Gustafson.

The seniors are going to end up suffering. A lot many of them are low income they live on Social Security and sometimes this is the only hot meal they get during the day, said Gary Hulsey, Pacific City Council.

It could take months for city leaders to come to resolution and get the programs back on track.

A group of citizens is trying to recall the mayor. They're in the early process of working with attorneys on the necessary paperwork

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