Tips for a happy/healthy summer with your pets:

1. An ounce of prevention... Dogs and cats should be on an approved (that means recommended by your veterinarian) parasite preventative. Look for products that cover fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites (worms) and heartworm (especially if travel outside Western WA is planned). Not all products are created equal, and some could even harm your pet if used inappropriately.

2. DO NOT leave pets unattended in your car. Not even for a second. Just don t do it.

3) The back yard salad bar (or buffet line). Many ornamental plants and garden products can be harmful/fatal to your pet.

  • VERY bad: Foxglove, Lily (cats), Japanese Yew, Morning glory, Sago palm
  • BAD: Hydrangea, Azalea/Rhododendron, Bulbs et. al (tulip, iris, garlic, daffodil

(Poison plant database:
b. Pesticides and Fertilizers
i. Rat and mouse poisons
ii. Slug and snail bait (metaldehyde)
c. Decomposing compost.

4) Be a cool cat... Or dog.
When temperatures soar, make sure your pets have plenty of access to shade, fresh water, and monitor their exercise. Overheating and heat stroke can be deadly!

5) ENJOY the SUMMER! Share your family outings with your pet, but be sure to plan ahead:
a. Travel? Get necessary travel documents from your veterinarian
b. Fireworks phobias? Discuss treatment and behavior modification with your veterinarian.
c. Even if traveling by car be sure to pack plenty of fresh water and extra food. And plan to take lots of pit stops too!

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