MUKILTEO, Wash. -- A year ago aircraft engineers Julian Sharpe and Scott Hill entered a NASAsponsored contest for new ideas and technologies. Their idea? A spherical capsule to ride out and survive a tsunami.

The capsule includes seats for six people that would always remain upright no matter which way the capsule turned. Under the seats are places to storefood, water and other survival equipment. It's a plan designed to sustain life for days.Their entry finished in the top ten.

Their idea is now a new company called Survival Capsule, and it's not just for tsunamis. The capsules could be used on oil rigs to save lives in case of emergencies and include fire protection. Capsules could also be used to survive floods and huricanes. They could be partially buried in the ground for shelter during tornadoes.

The idea is to make the capsules inexpensively, starting around $1,000. People would park the capsules on their property and they would be tethered to that property by long cables.

Survival Capasule expects to receive their patent any day, they're talking to manufacturers. A full-sized prototype could be ready in six month and production possibly in a year.

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