SEATAC, Wash. -- Thousands of Sea-Tac Airport workers say their wages keep them in poverty. Now several groups say more must be done to help thousands of workers at the airport.

These are the people who clean the planes after you get off, fuel the planes before you takeoff, and sling the bags both on and off. These are thepeople who work for airport contractors who, in turn, work for the airlines.

On Monday, a consortium of four worker rights organizations released a report saying that those categories ofemployees make around $9.70 an hour, often with fewbenefits such as paid vacation and health care.

Sea-TacAirport is part of the Port of Seattle, and says after court decisions that went against the port back in the1990s, they canno longer influence what employers pay their employees.

In a report entitled First-classAirport, Poverty-class Jobs, the group - led by Puget Sound Sage, OneAmerica,Faith Action Network and Working Washington - said contractor jobs at Sea-Tac is the lowest of major airports up and down the West Coast.

In surveys with contract workers, the report said that contracted airport employees make just over $20,000 a year, more than $10,000 less than what Washington state defines as a living wage.

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